National SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website found on the organic areas of Search engine results.

Social Media and Video

Have Captivate manage your social media and video advertising for incredible results.


Take advantage of our product feed software to save immense amounts of time and labor while boosting product sales.

Ad Placement/Retargeting

  Having professionals manage ad accounts will not only save time but can increase results while spending less. Ask us how!

Talent Aquisition

Looking to hire? Save money and time with Captivate multiple feed programs to hire only the best.

Creative Design

  Our award winning design team are masters at not only beautiful design work but more importantly, designing for conversions and results.

Strategize, Design, Implement, Succeed

Captivate believes your business deserves a full time marketing expert to guide you through all aspects of targeting, planning and implementing successful marketing campaigns. Our business model is unique in that we alocate a local maketing consultant who will visit your office or place of business to discuss and plan a suitable marketing strategy to fit your budget and needs. Let's build a long lasting successful relationship, get started by setting your first appointment and we will come to you. Contact me to schedule an appointment with an experienced, well trained marketing expert to outline a plan that fits your budget and desired ROI.

Our Strategies In Detail

Our approach to online advertising focuses on results!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

is the process of getting your website found on the organic areas of Search engine results. This is the area under and left of the paid advertising sections when a customer performs a search for a certain keyword. The importance of this is the simple fact that you do not pay to be here. When visitors click on your listing you are not charged. Therefore, you may receive unlimited free traffic based on your targeted keywords. Captivate keeps abreast of Search Engines guidelines and uses all White Hat processes to acheive fantastics placement 100% of the time. Speak to Captivate Consultant for a more detailed explaination or a live webinar

Captivate will create thousands of unique landing pages which will rank on the major Search Engines

Captivate Business Solutions has the ability to feed your products to over 100 popular shopping sites. This alone will boost sales and decrease time spent on individual maintenance of multiple shopping accounts.

Captivate has designed thousands of websites in the past 15 years.

We stand apart from the competition in that our design team will focus on conversions, leads, sales and traffic.  When most designers only focus on appearance, we will increase your business and maximize your web presence.


Captivate specializes in designing and advertising highly effective websites and local advertising campaigns.

You simply cannot have a website up and expect to receive traffic. Your website must be optimized for the major search engines, submitted to local directories and have hundreds of incoming links from reputable sources. This is why Icon offers low cost, flat fee options to design, host and advertise your website. Why pay thousands of dollars for a website that just sits there? Captivate can offer you a professionally designed website, including professionally maintained local advertising campaigns that will receive consistent traffic and calls for a fraction of the cost.

Maintaining a successful Social Media campaign takes tons of time. Let Captivate automate your social media marketing.

How social media marketing works: Captivate writes weekly posts and articles
These posts are then sent to your Social Media Pages
All of your Page activity is then sent to Thousands of our other clients social pages and Rss feeds

You will benefit from having these quality links and Social Media activity through SEO and direct followers

You work hard, let everyone see what you have created!

Video marketing has skyrocketed since Google purchased Youtube. Videos reach page 1 of Google rapidly and can be found across all mobile platforms.

How it works:

Captivate creates hundreds of short videos showcasing your work or un-copywrited stock photos.

Each Video will be created for every town you service and every keyword/service you provide

Each video is unique and has your contact information, website etc

Captivate will post these videos on Youtube and over 50 Social Media Accounts including, Twitter and Facebook thus creating links to the videos to increase page ranking

You will find hundreds of Videos on Page 1 of Google for each town and keyword combination

This is the most comprehensive and highly effective Video marketing program available

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising

refers to placing your targeting ads in the paid section of the search engines when a potential customer searches for your chosen keywords.

This is done on a bid for placement basis. Icon will ensure that you are paying the least possible amount per click while adhering to your daily budget.

In addition, Captivate optimizes your website landing pages to increase your quality scores with Google, and maximizes your click to call conversion rates.

Pay Per Call

is a great feature which is tied in with Pay Per Click. However the difference is the ads are shown on mobile device and you only pay if the customer calls your business directly. This drastically increases your return on investment as not every click will become a call and you would still pay.

Pay Per Call campaigns are run the same as a Per Click campaign and are done on a bid structure where Captivate will lower your per call costs by as much as 20%
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